Henry Moore’s Material Legacy

Artist Martin Puryear’s piece “Night Watch” (2011) contains notes of sculptor Henry Moore‘s (1898-1968) body of work with its harmonious interplay between the organic and inorganic. Moore’s sculptures, which can be seen below, embody the qualities of a rich landscape, and similar to Night Watch, create something uniquely alive from natural, earthen material. The work of both artists, whether by material or structural form, embody the very earth they are derived from and create an abstract-naturalism which almost feels like a paradox. In the article linked above, Night Watch “is as pleasing as a transplanted segment of ripe field at harvest time, as fascinating in its precision and placement as a microscopic section of hairs on a human scalp, magnified 1,000 times.”

Henry Moore, Headless Animal, 1960
Martin Puryear, Night Watch, 2011

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