Blending Coffee & Design

Scrolling through the featured artworks on Bēhance, a design for coffee cups caught my eye. This one small image on my laptop screen was enough to intrigue me and I knew I had to find out more about it. Understanding the designers’ thought process reminded me of the discussion in class about designing for the audience vs designing what you want. In this case the designers manage to create the perfect ‘blend’ between the two.

The company, Velvet Coffee, for which these designs were created is based in Belgium and sells Columbian style coffee. By using elements related to both places on the coffee cup, the designers effectively communicate the company’s message to the audience while also making the cups visually appealing to grab their attention. However, in doing so, they don’t compromise on their vision. Instead, they carefully mould the techniques that they wanted to use to cater to the demands of the company and the audience.

Find out more about how these coffee cups were designed!

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