Design & Behavior

It is no secret that design has roots in visual studies, but perhaps more importantly, in behavior patterns as well. This basis continues to show up even today, especially in the main design trend in 2020, per Behance – motion design.

Per our class discussion, effective visual design takes into account three things:

  1. The audience
  2. The cultural context
  3. The thing itself

Motion design effectively builds on this framework. As Behance authors note, “implemented correctly, motion design can make the campaign’s message reach the audience faster and more correctly”.

Out of curiosity, I looked further into the specific application of animated logos, and came across Fujio Studio – their logo describes exactly what they do (web design) through the mini storytelling arc in the animation itself. This directly impacts how customers interpret Fujio Studio’s success/quality, and playfully leans into this 2020 motion trend.

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