Reimagining the New York Times

Artist Mira Schor’s graphic interventions of New York Times headlines are a reminder of designs ability to influence collective identity. Her work brings a sense of urgency, “reality” as she calls it, into headlines that too often downplay or mute the direness of the circumstances. In all of her 66 and counting NYT interventions, Schor’s voice remains unceasingly critical, unceasingly grounded.

The Yes Men’s New York Times spoofs, with 4 July 2009 New York Times featured in Speculative Everything, uses similar techniques to raise awareness and make a mockery of current news media. Both Schor’s and The Yes Men’s manipulation of news-source iconography expose just how much of an influence periodical design has over our perception of reality.

“Schor is intimately attuned to the periodical as a physical object. For instance, she observes that the current paper is about six inches narrower than it was then, and has shrunk several times over the decades. “There’s something about seeing an actual piece of paper and where stories are placed in relation to others. Whether it’s at the top of the page or not — there’s an impact and has meaning,” she tells Hyperallergic.”

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