For Freedoms: 2020 Awakening

Wide Awake Womyn-Photo by Benjamin Lozovsky

An artist-founded group called the For Freedoms is an anti-partisan organization that combines creativity and social justice to raise awareness. The artist-led platform gathers many institutions and collaborators dedicated to impacting collective change through civic engagement, discourse and direct actions. They recently led the 2020 Wide Awakes march on October 3rd as part of their broader campaign called the 2020 Awakening. As part of their campaign, For Freedoms is using graphic design and art to create advertisement in the digital sphere to increase voter turnout among youth. The organization also intent on depicting a more equitable vision of the American people—one that includes racial, religious, gender, and class diversity. 

Images from the 2020 Awakening Campaign

If you are interested in their animated flyers and graphic designs, check out the 2020 Awakening Infinite Playbook.

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