Design as Storytelling

Our discussions on creating looping “loading” logos that either induce a calming effect or inspire an action from the ‘consumer’ reminded me of Ellen Lupton’s ‘Design is Storytelling’. Among all the topics she covers here (including Gestalt Principles!), she includes this exercise:

From Lupton’s ‘Design is Storytelling’ (p. 137)

She discusses, here, that when searching for something specific, people actively focus on the task at hand, tuning out ‘irrelevant details’. By extension, the “designers of the Twitter logo used distinctive graphics to create a brand identity you can quickly find and act on”. Visual cues are strong and often instinctual – so Lupton pushes her readers, “How will users find your symbol in the crowd? Creating strong shapes and clear links/separations among elements helps users find meaning and make sense of the visual field”.

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