Evolution of STAR WARS logo

The oldest logo of Star Wars (in pre-production)
The new logo by Suzy Rice (left) VS The modified logo by Joe Johnston (right)

Based on our discussion about typography in class, it is interesting to see how some of the most famous logos in the film industry came about. For example, the logo for Star Wars went through numerous changes in the design process for each film era before taking the most ubiquitous form that it currently has. The oldest logo used the title “The Star Wars” while the film was still in pre-production which was modified by typographer Dan Perri. The logo when through a major change when the Star Wars creator George Lucas requested that the logo should have a “fascist” look to it. Suzy Rice who was working on the logo design at that time studies German signage of the 1930s. She used those techniques such as standardized font, harsh lines and severe graphics with the help of designer Joe Johnstone to make what’s now the most famous Star Wars logo.

Rice compiled an extensive account of all the design decisions that went into make the Star Wars logo. Click here to read more on that.

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