I’d come across this video on Instagram and when I found it online again I knew I just had to share it. This video depicts Marta C. González, a former ballerina currently suffering from Alzheimer’s. When she is made to listen to music from Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake‘, a ballet she had performed innumerable times during her career, it’s as if she is brought back to life. The sound instantly instills a passion in her and she begins performing the ballet. The look of contentment on her face and a longing for the time that has passed gives the viewers a feeling of sadness and wholesomeness at the same time. What truly makes this video magical is the interspersing of clips of her presently dancing with those of her performing the same piece at the ballet in the 1960s. This makes me think about how if we are truly passionate about something, that passion becomes timeless. It stays with us and brings us joy even in the worst of times.

Check out the video here!

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