Holly Stapleton

This artist’s work is very simplistic but I love the texture and energy of the work. I especially love the abstract fantastical elements of objects blending together, like the sea shore being the arm of a hand. The art can be found here.

“The Way South” by Photographer Katie Sadie

I really like this set of photographic work. It seems to portray a gritty southern town which I think is a fairly rare subject matter. Beyond just the aesthetic, the main reason I’m drawn to the work is the people. They feel like characters with stories taking place in that town, I want to know…


This artist make beautiful simplistic works of abstract art relying on simple geometric shapes. The drawings feel as if they are a single frame in a moving poster due to the feeling of weight and various tones of color the shapes within them have. Before such work, Odili made photo-based work that also had a…

The painterly photographs of Jan Groover

I really enjoy the whimsical nature of these still-life photographs. Perhaps this is in part because I love trying to emulate something in other mediums. I also think as we delve into Photoshop, these painting-like photos are great studies. The article can be found here.

Beer with a Painter: Dan Walsh

I really love how this painter talks about his influences and how he has grown. His grid style of painting seems to bring both nice sequential animated movement and unique forms that pop out of the grid. I especially like how while the paintings are all orderly lines you can still see the brush strokes….

Conceptual Illustrations

I found this artwork and the article about it to be very relevant to the talk of conceptual art in our readings. However, instead of being about conceptual art as art of a possible future conceptual object, the article and the artwork show conceptual art as art of a possible future conceptual event. The article…

Abdelkader Benchamma

I found this artist’s work very intriguing because he sticks to working in mostly black and white and paints across entire rooms. The work makes great use of negative and positive space by necessity which I think is best shown in his work that involves trees. The article can be found here.

Creating Pixel Art

I read this a long while ago, but I’m surprised how topical it is to the discussion of the artistic concepts discussed in the reading. Pixel art is confined to a grid of pixels, and through that confine, concepts such as diffusion, dominant directions, invisible structures, weight, etc. shine through techniques such as dithering, banding,…