An Anamorphic Mural Transforms a Montreal Street into Undulating Sand Dunes

This illusory mural creates the impression of rolling dunes using simple curves and brilliant shading, transforming the city street into a beachy playground. The effect reminds me of our early illustrator projects, which similarly used only basic shapes to create compositions with depth and perspective. Check out more images here!

Colorful Geometric Mural of a Cityscape Visualizes Humans’ Impact on Nature

This mural designed by Vitaly Tsarenkov illustrates humanity’s effects on the natural world using vibrant colors and shapes. Looking vertically, the scene transitions from flowers and flame to city and civilization as human invention gradually dominates, much like it has throughout history. I enjoy the bright colors amid the jagged edges, showing how despite the…

Miniature Mixed Media Lace Works Depict Pastoral Scenes

Wood, bark, seeds and wire weave together to compose these small rural sculpture images by Ágnes Herczeg. Her creative use of organic materials, which could all be found in the pastoral lands she elegantly portrays, is inspiring to me since I grew up hiking and camping around Lancaster and West Chester, PA where farmland abounds….

An Imaginary Universe Emerges from Psychedelic Digital Illustrations

Vibrant colors and swirling shapes combine into wonderfully hectic figures in these works by Luis Toledo. The coherent composition he managed to create from the abstract chaos still amazes me even as I write this. If this looks cool to you too, check out the article here and more of his works here!

Scribbled Portraits of Brooding Figures by Adam Riches

These rather intense sketches show off the principles of gestalt theory very well. With only long looping lines, Riches manages to give the impression of gloomy human faces with grave depth in their shadows. Check out these melancholy works here!

New Plant-Based Embroidery and Interconnected Baskets

In this embroidery by Ana Teresa Barboza, the threads of individual spools of yarn are woven into pieces which combine together to create abstract art forms. The principles of Gestalt theory are used wonderfully as each image is comprised of separate tiles of yarn, but our brain fuses them together into a cohesive whole. Check…