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Latest from the Blog

Switzerland-based graphic designer Ares Pedroli

As we approach our animated PSA assignment, I am thinking more and more about how a digital medium can be translated into a public and physical space. Seeing Pedroli’s posters out on a street or on prints does help me with understanding how PSAs are viewed outside in their context, not just through a screen.

Voting Art

I came across this post on Behance. It’s a collection of voting-related GIFs that different artists made so that people can share them as stickers on Instagram and Snapchat. With voting going on right now, I have seen more and more artists use their platform and skills towards the cause of encouraging political activism. Here…

A Mural of Swirling Cursors, Dancing Skeletons, and Rainbow Hearts is Set in Motion When Viewed Through a “GIF-iti” App

In addition to combining themes of iconography from our speculative design project with the gestalt principles of our invisible cities, this mural also features interactive looping elements to make it more animated. Effectively, the mural acts as one giant animated poster once seen through the app. I think the process of animating the poster with…

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