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Latest from the Blog

Public Art in a Pandemic

In Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the new reality of the COVID-19 has already been immortalized through a mural in the center of the city. Artist Andrea Kostyal depicted children and adults wearing masks through the city’s landscape. I thought this article was interesting in the way it exemplifies how public art can often serve as a reflection…

IKEA’s Better Shelter

IKEA foundation collaborate with several designers to make this easy-to-build shelter that can be used to help with people who are displaced by armed conflict or natural disaster. It’s amazing to see that designers are working with organizations like the UN to come up with solutions to global issues.

Futuristic Library (Tianjin)

I love the design of endless bookshelves with natural curves and waves. Being in that library must feel like you’re in an alternate dimension, as if you’re diving into the fictional world of the book. I think the color scheme and the structural designs work really well together to highlight the book covers while achieving…

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