Jacob’s Tutorials

Project 1.1

  1. Introduction to the Illustrator Workspace
  2. Basic Shape Tools
  3. Color Options
  4. Stroke Options
  5. Aligning Objects
  6. Grouping Objects
  7. Using Layers
  8. Using Warp + Zig Zag Effects 
  9. Editing Artboards
  10. Saving and Exporting
  11.  Pen Tool + Direct Selection Arrow + Add/Subtract/Convert Anchor Point Tool
  12.  Using Distort and Transform Effect
  13.  Blend Tool
  14.  Making a Pattern

Adobe Tutorials

Illustrator List of Tutorials
Basic Shapes
Drawing Shapes
Drawing With the Pen Tool
Rotating/Reflecting Objects
Isolation Mode
Pen Tool Game
Pen Tool (Extras)