Kiki Van Eijk: 20 Years of Design

I came across the work of Dutch designer and artist Kiki Van Eijk. Eijk is not tethered to a medium and has explored design in the contexts of “lighting, sculpture, furniture, household objects, wall hangings, carpets and more using materials ranging from ceramics to textiles.”

What I find most intriguing about Eijk as a designer is the way she has integrated herself into the commercial world, collaborating with Haagen Daas, Google, and even was commissioned to design sculptures for Coachella 2020 which was later cancelled due to COVID-19. I feel that Eijk sets an interesting precedent for how to maintain artistic integrity while catering to a commercial world with commercial needs, Eijk kept up with personal projects as an artist while also producing work for large-scale companies. You can explore more about her work and repertoire in this article

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